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Chiesi in the Nordic region – rapid and sustainable growth
Our Nordic subsidiaries are part of the international, family-owned pharmaceutical group Chiesi Group and are pharmaceutical companies operating within research and development, as well as manufacture of innovative drugs. Our therapeutic areas:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Neonatology
  • Rare diseases
  • Special care


We are also responsible locally for pharmacovigilance, compliance, medical affairs and finance. We have a strong focus on sustainability for all our operations.


Our Nordic office
Chiesi in the Nordic region has an office in central Stockholm as well as a research and development department next to Karolinska Institute's campus. This enables Chiesi to be a strong partner in the Swedish Life Science context and to work closely with the university and its research.


Chiesi is investing in the Nordic region within biotech and pharma
Since the outset in 2014, the focus for the operation has been to launch the Chiesi Group's product portfolio in the Nordic market, at the same time as working towards becoming market leader within the rare diseases and special care therapeutic areas. Zymenex, a Danish-Swedish biotech company specialised within the rare diseases therapeutic area, was acquired as an element in this process. There are a total of some 100 committed employees in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden who are engaged every day in improving patients' everyday lives. Our corporate culture emphasises the importance of cooperation, putting people first and exchanging knowledge for optimum results.


Chiesi Group a leading pharmaceutical group
The Chiesi Group is an international, family-owned pharmaceutical group with headquarters in Parma in Italy and a total of almost 6,500 employees. Over 20% of the turnover is invested in research and development, with the focus on innovative drugs within three areas: respiratory diseases, neonatal medicine and rare diseases. The company was founded in 1935. Today Chiesi is a world leader within many of our specialist areas, developing and distributing drugs in over 100  countries through 30 subsidiaries; in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Chiesi was established in the Nordic region in 2014 and has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


Genuine CSR
A strong family connection and commitment to sustainability characterises Chiesi, which has been certified as a B Corp since 2019. This entails undertaking that profitability must be combined with responsibility for several factors including environmenẗal and social consideration. We are the largest international pharmaceutical company to be awarded this certification and we would encourage others within our sector to join us. The certification characterises all our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.  

Another example of our strong commitment to sustainability is the Chiesi Foundation, which was set up in 2005. It is a non-profit organisation with the purpose to promote people's health and alleviate the suffering of patients through research, exchange of knowledge and education of care personnel. The emphasis lies within our expert areas: respiratory, rare and neonatal diseases.

We also work with Shared Values. This means that with our operations we want to contribute to solving societal challenges and meeting social and environmental needs. We allocate 20 percent of turnover to research & development to find new medicines and treatments.




  • Family-owned pharmaceutical company: Founded 85 years ago in Parma, Italy.
  • Global turnover: 2,4 million euros in 2021.
  • Global number of employees: approx. 6,500.
  • Chiesi's turnover in the Nordic region: 46 million euros in 2019 if parallel imports of drugs are included. The turnover target for 2019 is 42 million euros.
  • Number of employees in the Nordic company: approx. 100 persons.