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Mission And Values

With people in focus

We want to be a positive force. Having good relations with society and our employees and taking responsibility for the environment and our surroundings are therefore our top priorities. We apply our values on a daily basis in the work we perform and in relations with employees and partners.


We are all Chiesi
Everything starts with the people who work for us. Together and with a strong team spirit, we create conditions to thrive, grow and develop. We are a transparent workplace where the ethical aspect always guides us.


Innovation and entrepreneurship enable us to create value, today and in the future. So, it is important that we also have the competence to assess and foresee risks. Working as a team enables us to succeed in utilising new research and development opportunities.


Our goal is to be recognised as a research-oriented international group that can develop innovative drugs and bring them to market in order to improve people's quality of life. We want to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit that delivers high quality and is characterised by self-confidence and collaboration. Our goal is to combine commitment to results with integrity and function in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


We have always kept to our values in achieving our corporate goals and apply them every day in our work and our relationships with employees and partners.


Reliable company
We want to be acknowledged by all our stakeholders as a company which promotes open ethical conduct at all levels, in accordance with standards and rules that are inspired by the principles for the company's social responsibility.


Focus on the individual
We firmly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We will therefore strive to continuously promote and satisfy development needs, paying particular attention to the quality of our working environment and collective well-being.


Team spirit
To reach our objectives, specialists are not enough on their own. Our success comes from all our employees working together as a team where everyone is aware that the team's success is more important than individual success. 


Value generation
Our driving force is to generate value today and in the future through entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship means having the competencies to take responsibility and calculate the risk to challenge the present and grasp opportunities that are in line with our principles. Innovation means the capability to continuously change through a consistent process of appreciating the value of intuition and the generation of ideas coming from our professional community.


Our focus is our customers
We aim to continuously perceive the needs of our customers, aiming at giving them satisfaction by being responsive, through our products and services and the passion for relationships that we display in our everyday work.