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Chiesi's community engagement

Chiesi's aim is to contribute to economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability in society. The basis is a belief in the principal of ”shared value”; to create a return for both the company and for society.

To ensure a positive impact on society, a dialogue is conducted with local stakeholders and social and cultural projects are developed in joint networks.

Help A Little

One such project is Help A Little/First Day Gift, which is operated in conjunction with the Swedish Federation for Preterm Infants. The project supports socially and economically vulnerable families with prematurely born babies. Karolinska Hospital's neonatal departments ensure that the donations go directly to needy families.




Every year Chiesi implements We Act Day, a day when all employees take part in an activity to improve society. In 2019 all employees in the Nordic region performed a plogging activity. Among other things, Chiesi's employees together collected up 300 kilos of litter and rubbish from around Stockholm Central Station.