Chiesi Group Integrates Zymenex into Chiesi Pharma AB and Strengthens its Presence in the Important Nordic Area

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Date: 01/06/2018
  • Zymenex, primarily based at Lidingö, initially developed Lamzede® (velmanase alfa), an EU approved pharmacological therapy for the treatment of mild to moderate alpha-mannosidosis, an ultra-rare, disabling, genetic disorder. Zymenex was acquired by the Chiesi Group in 2013.
  • The integration provides additional strength to the Nordics; the total Nordic headcount will be 45 from June 1, with an additional 12 new hires planned in 2018.

Stockholm, Sweden June 1, 2018 – Chiesi Group, (Chiesi), an international research-focused healthcare company, today announced that it is integrating Zymenex, a highly specialized biologics company engaged in the development of therapeutics for rare diseases, into its Nordic business. Integrating the two companies adds significant critical mass to the Nordic headquarters in Stockholm.


“Bringing Chiesi and Zymenex together under the same organisation strengthens the Chiesi brand in the Nordics - making us an important player not only within biologic therapies, but also in respiratory and special care,” said Olav Fromm, Managing Director at Chiesi Pharma AB.  ”The integration is providing growth and we have plans for 12 new hires in the Nordics within research, administration and sales.”


”We are excited to become a fully integrated part of Chiesi,” said Nina Herne, Head of Biotech Research and Product Development at Zymenex. ”Our organization, with our unique competencies, will remain focused on delivering therapeutic solutions for patients with an unmet medical need within rare diseases. The closeness to Chiesi Pharma AB will even further strengthen the patient centricity of the organization.”


Lamzede® (velmanase alfa) was initially developed by Zymenex, at the R&D site at Lidingö, Sweden. Velmanase alfa is the first enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of non-neurological manifestations in patients with mild to moderate alpha‑mannosidosis, an ultra-rare progressive and debilitating disease. The most frequent symptoms include facial coarsening, intellectual disability, progressive motor function disturbances and physical disability, hearing impairment, impaired speech, immunodeficiency and recurrent infections, psychiatric symptoms, and skeletal abnormalities. The long-term prognosis for patients is generally poor, with reduced life expectancy. Velmanase alfa is approved for use in the 31 European countries covered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). First commercial treatment is expected later this year.


About Chiesi Group

Headquartered in Parma, Italy Chiesi Group is an international research-focused healthcare group, with over 80 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Chiesi researches, develops and markets innovative drugs in the respiratory therapeutics, specialist medicine and rare diseases areas. Its R&D centres in Italy, France, USA, UK and Sweden integrate their efforts to advance Chiesi's pre-clinical, clinical and registration programs. Chiesi employs over 4,500 people, 560 of whom are solely dedicated to Research and Development activities. Chiesi has a Nordic affiliate with 45 people. For further information: or



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